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About Me

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Hi, Namaste, Hola, Asalaam alaikum, Bonjour, Salve, Vaṇakkam, Sata srī akāla!


Working Wanderer here 🤠

A very normal Indian girl you can find in every cubicle from a company full of nerds.

Yes, I am an Engineer by choice, dancer at heart, writer in dreams and traveler on weekends (Unbelievable right?? I know, I do work 9-5 and Travel my heart out).


How it all started,

It all started in the USA, as a new girl in town, all I ever wanted was a nice job, an amazing car, a cozy place to cover my butt and find true love. Trust me!! That is all I ever wanted and nothing more.
Finally THE day came, I am 30 (Now, stop laughing, age is just a number 😤).
Here I am, married to my fav., person on earth, bought everything I ever wanted blah blah blah!! Yada Yada Yadaaa!! And I still ended up with a void that I can’t explain.

That made me think.. What did I miss? I have everything I ever wanted? When I look back into my 30 years of life, all I could remember is the one super boring trip I went with my parents (You know why it is boring, Indians never travel unless there is a Temple with atleast 10 priests blessing you). Though it is boring and I got to see nothing, the idea of sitting in a window seat, meeting new people and eating food other than what my mom cooks everyday, was really exciting.

That made me realize, travelling for me is all about experiencing something new and breaking your everyday routine.


So here I am, starting my new journey to complete my void by working and wandering the world at the same time.



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